Would your management team know their Health and Safety responsibilities?


Ask a member of the management team about their responsibilities and where to find them documented (i.e. in the health and safety policy), and can they demonstrate a good understanding of requirements?

Reason for This Question

It is essential that everyone is aware of their H&S responsibilities and are able to explain a couple of examples.

Possible Answers

Red: Manager questioned could not state their responsibilities and could not give any examples
Amber: Managers questioned knew their responsibilities but could only give limited examples
Green: Manager was aware of their responsibilities and could give some examples

Common Issues

  • No responsibilities documented

Fail Rate

38.89% of businesses failed this question based on our sample data.

How to Stay Compliant

Ensure your staff read and understand the health and safety manual so they are aware of the systems that are in place for managing health and safety within your business. Your health and safety policy should detail the roles and responsibilities of the designated employees in your business.

Our Solutions

Health and safety manuals are available as part of our Health and Safety Management System packages.

This post is part of the “Focus on Health and Safety Audit Questions” series.