Is Your Workshop/Maintenance Room Hazardous?


Where there is a workshop/maintenance room check to ensure no serious hazards obvious, e.g. dangerous machinery, unidentified chemicals etc. Auditor to also report on any other dangerous equipment identified but not necessarily stored in these areas.

Reason for This Question

Maintenance offices are often cluttered with equipment ‘brought from home’ with no training records etc in place.

Possible Answers

Red: Serious H&S risks identified in the Maintenance office or with machinery etc spotted in other areas of the premises
Amber: Minor risks identified
Green: Maintenance office, clean, tidy and well managed with no obvious risks. No other concerns re dangerous machinery

Fail Rate

32.5% of businesses failed this question based on our sample data.

Common Issues

  • General house keeping issues.
  • Chemicals not on COSHH or MSDS lists.
  • Chemicals not necessary.
  • Storage issue which is causing clutter and trip hazard.
  • Flammables being stored incorrectly.

Common Recommendations

  • Review storage and housekeeping arrangements.
  • Reduce and list all chemicals and ensure they are assessed.


Some Workshop Guidance Notes

Workshops should have:

  • suitable lighting and be well lit
  • suitable PPE available
  • adequate ventilation and and where necessary local exhaust ventilation
  • a good standard of housekeeping and avoid tripping hazards such as trailing cables, tools etc
  • adequate fire-fighting equipment
  • flammable material only necessary for the day to day operation of the workshop
  • pits that are covered when not in use or have guard rails in place
  • an inspection for all tools and equipment so that they are safe to use
  • restricted access to maintenance personnel
  • gas bottles racked and gas welding bottles should be secured upright, and when in use can be moved easily on a trolley
  • adequate washing facilities
  • procedures in place for waste management of used oils, tyres & batteries etc

This post is part of the “Focus on Health and Safety Audit Questions” series. A series which focuses on questions asked by our health and safety consultants when conducting a health and safety audit.