Where is your business continuity plan?


Is there an up to date business continuity plan, and has it been reviewed in the last 12 months?

Reason for This Question

There should be a business continuity plan in place to deal with major emergencies.

Possible Answers

Red: No plan in place
Amber: Plan in place but has not been reviewed in the last 12 months
Green: Plan in place and up to date

Common Issues

  • No business continuity plan in place
  • Business continuity plan not yet completed

Fail Rate

28.57% of businesses failed this question based on our sample data.

How to Stay Compliant

Ensure a contingency plan is in place and is reviewed.

Additional Information

What is a business continuity plan?

A Business Continuity Plan (BCP) is an essential part of any business’s response planning. It defines how the business will operate following an incident and how it expects to return to “business as usual” in the quickest possible time after.

What is included in a business continuity plan?

  • Analysis of potential threats
  • Areas of responsibility
  • Emergency contact information
  • Recovery teams
  • Off-site backup of important data
  • Backup power arrangements
  • Alternative communications strategy
  • Alternative site of operations
  • Essential equipment/services backup
  • Recovery phase

Our Solutions

We can help develop your continuity plan as part of our Health and Safety Management System packages.

This post is part of the “Focus on Health and Safety Audit Questions” series.