What Our Fire Risk Assessors Do IN PICTURES

Fire risk assessor considers what's happening outside the building

A good fire risk assessor considers what’s happening outside the building, and any implications of buildings or works in the immediate vicinity.

Fire Risk Assessor checking roof voids

Where Roof Voids or Cavities exist, it is critical they are checked for any breaches in compartmentation, or where fire stopping may be required

Old fire fighting equipment

During the fire risk assessment process, we always check how up to date your fire fighting equipment is

Fire risk assessment housekeeping issues

A good fire risk assessment will look carefully at housekeeping issues and hazards they present

Fire risk assessments in plant rooms

Fire risk assessments need to include plant rooms and all incoming service areas

External waste

Make sure you have good controls in place for your external waste management

Fire risk assessment electrical items

Electrical items cause over half of all accidental fires in the workplace, so it is essential these are reviewed as part of your fire risk assessment

BioMass generating plant

At DDS we recently completed a comprehensive fire risk assessment programme on a brand new BioMass generating plant

Communal Blocks of Flats and Sheltered Schemes

At DDS we have considerable expertise at Fire Risk Assessing Communal Blocks of Flats and Sheltered Schemes

Housekeeping issue in Communal areas of flats

Housekeeping is an ongoing issue in Communal areas of flats, many local authorities now operate a Zero Tolerance or Strict Managed Use programme

 Front door of residents flat

When fire risk assessing communal areas of blocks of flats, it is essential that the Front doors of residents flats are considered for fire resistance, and are self closing

Flame resisting cabinet

Flammables must be locked in a flame resisting cabinet and signed

Unserviced Fire Extinguisher

Our risk assessors work hard to check EVERY area. That’s why we often find long lost artefacts, this little fella felt unwanted and had been missed during his annual service for 12 years!

Fire extinguishers

As part of the fire risk assessment we consider location and signage of extinguishers, as a result for one client we actually identified nearly 50% of his extinguishers were surplus to requirements – and not needed!

Historic building attic

Heritage listed, or historic buildings present their own unique challenges for a fire risk assessor and require very careful thought and evaluation.

Football Stadium Fire Risk Assessor

Fire Risk Assessment in places of assembly presents some unique challenges for the risk assessor and the venue

Personal Emergency Evacuation Plans PEEP Training

Preparing Personal Emergency Evacuation Plans PEEPs, and making sure staff are trained to execute these is a fundamental part of your fire safety arrangements

Fire Safety Examination

DDS deliver quality training in your workplace

Building in construction

We can provide fire engineering expertise for construction related projects, and help you with reviews on completion either before or after Building Control

Church fire risk assessment

We can fire risk assess historic and listed buildings