Do you have a valid fire risk assessment?


Has a fire safety risk assessment been carried out in the past 12 months and are all actions identified up to date? Do the recorded answers have sufficient detail?

Reason for This Question

It is a legal requirement under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 to have a fire safety risk assessment and ensure that it is reviewed at least annually.

Possible Answers

Red: No risk assessment completed within past 12 months, or detail included on the FRA is insufficient
Amber: Risk assessment completed but actions required not up to date
Green: Risk assessment completed and all actions required up to date

Common Issues

  • Current FRA is not suitable or sufficient and would not stand up to any formal challenge.
  • A fire risk assessment was not available during inspection.
  • The current format of the fire risk assessment is not suitable or sufficient (Yes or No answers)

Fail Rate

43.48% of businesses failed this question based on our sample data.

How to Stay Compliant

Ensure a “suitable and sufficient” fire risk assessment has been completed by a competent certified assessor and ensure that it is reviewed at least annually.

Additional Information

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Our Solutions

Fire risk assessments are available as part of our health and safety management system packages and are completed and managed via the PYRAMID™ Online Risk Management System.

This post is part of the “Focus on Health and Safety Audit Questions” series.