Royal Court Hotel Fined £18,000 for Poor Food Hygiene

Overview of incident

The Royal Court Hotel located on the outskirts of Bedworth had failed to maintain an adequate food safety management system.

Details of fine

After pleading guilty to six food hygiene offences, the hotel was fined £18,000 and was also ordered to pay costs of £7,400.

Inspectors found a number of issues…

  • Build-up of grease and food debris beneath and behind floor standing equipment and around pipework
  • Dirty store rooms
  • Rotting cupboard doors
  • Mould inside the cupboards
  • Water filter caked in grease and damaged
  • Mouldy fridge and freezer door seals.
  • Broken glass, crockery, and utensils on the floor beneath shelving and works surfaces in the dishwasher area.
  • The dishwasher was in a poor condition and was not being adequately cleaned
  • The wash hand basin was dirty and the sealant around it was mouldy
  • The sink was dirty with a piece of tin foil being used as a plug.
  • Jugs of sour milk and cream and dried-up sauce were also found in the walk-in chiller
  • Splashes of grease down the sides of equipment

Company Involved

Britannia Hotels


Bedworth, Warwickshire, England


Nuneaton Justice Centre


The catalogue of food hygiene issues found in our routine inspection will absolutely horrify visitors to the hotel who should quite rightly expect they are being entertained in a clean and safe environment.

The council is determined to ensure places are as hygienic as they should be and we will take action when we find they are not. – Cllr Patricia Hetherton, chair of the licensing and regulatory committee for Coventry City Council

A major catering establishment such as the Royal Court Hotel is expected to have its own management systems in place to ensure food safety standards are met.

Britannia Hotels carried out their own audit inspection a month before our visit. They found the same conditions but nothing had changed until our officers became involved. – Hamish Simmonds, head of regulatory services