A Property Manager’s Ideal Solution

Managing property can be a headache – from problem tenants to the mountain of paperwork required to ensure your property is legally compliant (we can’t help with the former, but we can with the latter).

It would be so much easier if all the paperwork can be held on ONE on-line portal, which could cater for all your Fire Safety and Health & Safety needs. Even better if you could carry out inspections using a tablet that was not reliant on a constant network connection. To top it off, all paperwork can be uploaded and stored electronically against the property.

The PYRAMID™ on-line Risk Management System has been built around:

Fire Safety Management

  • Risk Assessment
  • Fire Management processes – weekly alarm testing; fire drills; documentation.

Health & Safety

  • Incident / Accident reporting – as soon as reported by location, reviewed and responded to by DDS, reported to HSE (where required);
  • H&S Manual – can be uploaded and parked for reference by locations; amendments carried out quickly and efficiently (sites able to access as soon as it has been uploaded)
  • Risk Assessment – for processes on-site; equipment on-site
  • Audits – annual; monthly; weekly (as per requirement) using a tablet (which only needs a wi-fi signal to upload audit when complete;
  • Weekly Safety Report – actions weekly building check; review sections of H&S Manual and RAs (removes the rush at the end of the year to complete all RA checks);
  • Emergency Procedures – contact lists can be maintained for all sites centrally.


  • training record keeping;
  • upload of new processes / pieces of equipment; positive return that sites have completed training.

Everything is web-based, so there is no software to upload.

There can be visibility for Management across the whole portfolio – a powerful tool when looking for compliance issues, as reports can be generated in real-time, enabling the business to react quickly should an issue occur at any site.

The PYRAMID™ system is also able to generate reports for Senior Management, so that they are able to measure the legal compliance of each location within the organisation.

We have outlined the key sections regarding the PYRAMID™ on-line Risk Management system, however, the system can be set up how you want it, with access available to who you want.

If you would like to see a demonstration, please let us know.

Click the image below for the full version of our flyer.

Residential Property Letting and Landlords Fire Management Flyer