Part 5 Review – Large Scale Fire Risk Assessment Case Study


DDS is committed to delivering a quality and robust solution for our Clients and as such operates a process of continual improvement and review as part of our ISO9001 Quality Management System. This means that the project will be continuously monitored from the outset, through until successful completion as follows:

Preparation Stage

  • up and agree key milestones and activities.
  • confirm overall project plan and critical path and dates.

Fire Risk Assessment Stage

  • Daily system updates.
  • Daily updates as appropriate from Project Manager.
  • Weekly review of progress and reports issued.

Completion Stage

On successful completion of assessment inspections, we will also use PYRAMID™ analysis tools to complete a formal review of all fire safety risk assessments, which includes (as required);

  • Trend reports on common compliance issues.
  • Summary report of all assessments completed.
  • Separate facilities issues report.
  • Separate housekeeping issues report.
  • Management review meeting with the Client Representatives (Project Manager).

Ongoing Review and Updates

The PYRAMID™ system will: