Part 4 Fire Safety Risk Assessment – Large Scale Fire Risk Assessment Case Study

Fire Safety Risk Assessment

As previously identified fire safety risk assessments will be completed, based on PAS79:2012 NSi BAFE SP205-Part 1 approved templates.

For each template / property visited fire safety risk assessors will be allocated a target time to complete the survey in full and then write up the subsequent report. This is intended to be an average time; based on our experience in completing fire safety risk assessments on similar premises.

The process for completing the fire safety risk assessments will commence as soon as the preparation stage is completed. DDS will not allocate risk assessors onsite until the relevant information is provided, or where Client is in agreement to proceed in the absence of certain information (this is to ensure a high quality and robust report):


  • Carry out Fire Safety Risk Assessment inspection as planned on each property;
  • Risk assessment will include:
    • a full inspection as per required criteria,
    • validation of information provided during preparation phase (for example if Client confirm fire extinguishers tested annually and last date of test was 11/03/2016, then assessor will sample check dates on extinguishers to ensure they comply),
    • sample questioning staff present to establish understanding of fire arrangements and validate any training information previously provided.
  • Where issues are identified and the assessor deems relevant, a photo will be taken which captures the location and problem, this will be uploaded and included within the report for example:

Example Photos

  • Fire safety risk assessment report written up, validated by Project Manager, NSi Certificate attached, and then released electronically within 2 working days of site visit;
  • All fire risk assessment reports contain executive summaries (detailing significant findings) and a time bound action plan.

Real Time Fire Risk Assessment Output

Based on successful completion of the above action points we will have produced the following:

  • Electronic fire safety risk assessments (sent via e-Mail) for all properties inspected;
  • Hard-copy fire safety risk surveys for all properties inspected.

PYRAMID™ System Access

  • All fire safety risk assessments will be input onto our unique PYRAMID™ risk management system;
  • This system is secure and access will be made available to Client representatives (as required) on-line, via the internet;
  • Input of each risk assessment into this system will automatically generate a full (time bound) risk assessment report via e-Mail to nominated Client representatives, and also send reminders when important activities become overdue.

The system also provides significant benefits as it allows immediate access to monitor progress with the project, access to issues, ability to input remedial actions, and establish trends and common issues and create separate reports for housekeeping and facilities related issues.

The PYRAMID™ system has the ability to allow users to update outstanding issues as they are closed off.

However, the integrity of the fire safety risk assessment is not affected, as the information is locked as soon as the report is released. The facilities and housekeeping updates are shown as updates alongside the finalised report.

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