Part 1 Overview – Large Scale Fire Risk Assessment Case Study


The purpose of this document is to clearly set out how DDS proposes to implement and successfully deliver a quality Fire Safety Risk Assessment programme.

Successful Outcomes

  • On Time (each FRA delivered hard copy and soft copy within 7 working days)
  • On Budget (FRA works completed within the budget constraints of contract)
  • Queries (resolved within 2 working days)
  • Summary Reports (summary analysis and reports provided)
  • NSI BAFE SP205 Accredited (with NSI certificate of conformity for each FRA carried out)
  • Report Standards (adhering to client’s ‘Fire safety risk Assessment Standards March 2016’ document provided by the client as part of the ITT)
  • QC process (applied to FRAs as per DDS ISO9001 process)
  • Project Completion (review and client sign off at end of project)

Project Approach

Preparation (including PYRAMID™ set up)

  • To create the foundations and framework from which the project can be successfully delivered, managed and monitored.
  • To provide the robust I.T. PYRAMID™ solution from which fire safety risk assessments can be maintained, analysed and managed on-going.

Project Management

  • To provide management resource ensuring that fire safety risk assessments are completed on time, on budget and to meet legislative and guidance requirements consistently.
  • To provide effective two-way communication between the client’s representatives and the fire safety risk assessment team.

Fire Safety Risk Assessment

  • To carry out fire safety risk assessments in accordance with required templates and fire safety legislation.
  • To produce fully documented fire safety risk assessment reports including photos.


  • To review fire safety risk assessments in accordance with NSI and BAFE SP205 accreditation in conjunction with the client’s requirements.
  • To produce Management Reports and ability to update FRA reports using PYRAMID™ to show where issues have been resolved.

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