New Health & Safety DVDs now launched

Why buy health & safety DVDs from Due Diligence Solutions?

Simple. We offer the only requirement to health & safety training that you need. Our prices are very competitive and that is why both Manchester United Football Club and Nike choose to use us.

Does this affect me?

Yes it does, because of the new Corporate Manslaughter legislation, that came into force in April. The Act has been brought in to make it easier to prosecute individuals within the organisation, when gross negligence leads to death.

Is this new Act fair?

Yes it is. In fact many critics of the Act do not think the legislation goes far enough to deter organisations from being complacent in their attitudes towards health & safety, or to put health & safety at the top of directors’ agendas.

Big Fines

The highest to date has been for Transco, who were fined £15 million for health & safety offences in 1999. However, this could be just a drop in the ocean when the new Act comes into place. It can impose fines of between two-and-a-half and 10% of a company’s turnover for a first conviction of corporate manslaughter. It does not take a genius to imagine how much the fines might be if large firms in the UK have an accident.

We have the answers, understand and trust the experts

Our cost effective DVDs offer you the answers you need. We deliver the key information in a simple clutter-free way and cut out all the unnecessary technical jargon! It’s clearly important to fully understand the new Act and your first-choice company should be Due Diligence Solutions. We can inform you of what it means and how it will affect you. We can save your business money by giving you the key facts at a cost effective price…

More information is available in our Health & Safety Products section.