Major Barn Fire at Wall End Farm, Isle of Sheppey

Firefighters have spent the night taking on a huge blaze which broke out in a barn on the Isle of Sheppey.

Crews were called to Wall End Farm in Lower Road, Minster, at 2am. When they arrived the barn and its contents, around 3,500 tonnes of baled hay, was alight. The building is estimated to be worth £300,000 while the hay is worth £150,000.

Two crews from Sheppey were joined by four other pumps from around the area and a water unit from Larkfield. At 6am, the crews were reduced to just two crews and they are expected to remain on the scene for most of the day. Sheppey crew manager James Ashby said they worked to protect surrounding buildings.

The structure was still in the process of being built by owners SW Attwood and Partners and was part of an expansion and investment of the business. Hundreds of cars parked in the Minster area have been covered in a dusting of ash from the blaze.

Police were also called and the cause of the blaze is under investigation.


photo 3

The barn at Wall End Farm, picture take by Paul Smith this morning.

When I left my house this morning, the whole area was covered in ash from a major fire at Wall End Farm. On driving off the island is was sad to see the Farms brand new barn; which had been under construction for some months, and this seasons fresh harvest in full flame.

I’m sure that the fire will last for days based on the volume of straw stored in the barn, and the resulting Ash deposited throughout the island. However, the farmer must be devastated to see so much investment and hard work literally go up in flames.

I did think to myself as I saw the barn being filled over the past couple of weeks, what fire precautions may have been considered as this is not the first time barns have burned down on the island? My thoughts are with the farmer and his team for the loss and I only hope no one was injured. – Paul Smith,  Director of Business Development at DDS (International) and local resident

The barn at Wall End Farm, video taken by Paul Smith this morning.