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Level 2 Food Hygiene Certificate Training Course (Online).

Level 2 Food Hygiene Certificate (Online)

The Safer Food Handlers Food Hygiene Certificate is different. It’s a complete re-think of current methods. We think our food hygiene certificate course (previously known as basic food hygiene) is easier, more effective, and better put together.

Only you can judge us on these points, but what is certain is that we’ve slashed the cost of the food hygiene certificate and food safety training. Permanently.

This is an Accredited Level 2 Course with a Qualifi Accredited Certificate.

Level 2 Food Hygiene Certificate (Online)

Yes you do.

The law states that you must undertake training that is relevant to your role:

Food handlers must receive appropriate supervision, and be instructed and/or trained in food hygiene, to enable them to handle food safely. There is no legal requirement to attend a formal training course or get a qualification, although many businesses may want their staff to do so. The necessary skills may also be obtained in other ways, such as through on-the-job training, self-study or relevant prior experience. The operator of the food business is responsible for ensuring this happens.

The short answer is yes.

So long as your training meets the required standards recognised by an EHO, (our course meets these standards) and as importantly you can demonstrate proof of learning and that you are implementing this knowledge into your everyday role.

An Environmental Health Officer MUST remain impartial. They cannot favour one training company or product over another.

We appreciate that in the “real world” and after talking to countless caterers, this sometimes does not happen, however, the above point is extremely important and is a worthwhile point of knowledge if faced with this situation.

Our course, because of the steps we have undertaken to satisfy our accrediting body Qualifi, meets nationally recognised standards that an EHO must recognise.

The important point as we mentioned earlier is that an EHO’s role is to ensure that you are preparing, cooking or serving food to the general public in a safe manner and it will not cause injury to a person.

No, we do not print & post certificates.

You will be able to download your certificate as a PDF document when you pass the test. You can then print or save to your computer. The certificate is held on the system and you can log back in and download at any time.

By printing the certificate yourself we are able to maintain our unique low price point.

This is entirely legitimate, in accordance with the accreditation guidelines and accepted by your EHO.

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Duration: Approx 4 hours

Online course £12.00 +VAT per delegate
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