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Level 2 Award in Health and Safety Training Course (Online).

Level 2 Award in Health and Safety Training Course (Online)

The Safer Food Worker, Health and Safety training course is different.

It’s a complete re-think of current methods. We think our health and safety training is easier, more effective, and better put together.

Only you can judge us on these points, but what is certain is that we’ve slashed the cost of Health and Safety training. Permanently.

This is an Accredited Level 2 Course with a Qualifi Accredited Certificate.

Level 2 Award in Health and Safety

Delivering training face-to-face involves a lot of costs (the trainer, premises, Head Office, certification fee etc). Delivering the same course online is radically cheaper as we don’t have the trainer cost, and we can spread our development costs across a large number of learners, meaning everyone pays less.

We chose the charge £12 as the fairest price to reflect this reduced cost. Others have not and you can draw your own conclusions on this. What’s important is that ours follows an identical syllabus and certification process, and it’s same multi choice test etc and qualification. We’ve figured out how to do this at minimal cost and have simply chosen to pass all the savings onto you.

You will receive a PDF certificate that you can print. Many other training companies from the food industry and beyond now use online ‘print-yourself’ certification. This is entirely legitimate, in accordance with the official qualification guidelines and accepted by your EHO.

By printing the certificate yourself we are able to reduce the cost to you further.

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Duration: Approx 4 hours

Online course £12.00 +VAT per delegate
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