Landlords Beware

Owners who let out their properties as ‘holiday homes’ are being urged to improve their fire safety after a recent landmark case. Mid/West Wales Fire & Rescue Service has recently won a case in which a District Judge held that premises let for holiday purposes fell within the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005.

Following an audit at a location, the Service served an Enforcement Notice to improve fire safety. The owner subsequently appealed, on the grounds that the Order did not apply, as his home was only let for 20 weeks and became his private residence for the remainder of the year.

After the Judge’s decision that the property was covered by the Order, there were negotiations about the appropriate fire safety and the subsequent agreement was ratified by the court. The court also awarded over £5,500 in costs to the Authority.

Ken Wall, Head of Legislative Fire Safety, said: ‘It was unfortunate that we were forced to defend our actions but I am satisfied that ensuring satisfactory fire risk assessments are carried out will now protect future holidaymakers whilst they are staying in these premises.’

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