Introducing the eLearning Zone

The eLearning Zone is DDS International’s latest web based application. The application has been developed over the last twelve months and has been based on the need to automate and streamline the management of organisation health and safety training needs and to ensure employees are always meeting their training requirements.

Responsive eLearning Screenshots

The eLearning Zone is currently used by DDS International and our UK based and International customers for delivering on-line health and safety training. Training modules are tailored to the needs of the organisation and the modules are made up of training module elements which can include slideshow presentations, quizzes, surveys, documents and videos.

The eLearning Zone is a centralised system and employees can learn anytime, at any location from a web browser.

The system allows the creation, modification and deletion of learners so you have full control over who can login to view the training. The eLearning Zone is also fully integrated into the PYRAMID™ Risk Management System so it’s easy to track, receive notifications and reports on your organisations training progress. You can see at glance where training requirements are not being met and where training has expired.

In the ever changing world of technology and more mobile and tablet devices being used to access the Internet, the developers of the eLearning Zone have taken these factors into account so the web site and content is optimised for desktop, laptops, tablets and mobile devices.

The eLearning Zone can also be translated in to many different languages depending on your needs.

An overview of getting started with the eLearning Zone

  • You can use our existing health and safety, fire safety, food safety and first aid training modules or we can work with you to create training modules that are right for your organisation and training goals (the system is not limited to health and safety training)
  • We manage your training modules on the system
  • Your organisation job roles are defined and created
  • Your training modules are linked to your job roles
  • Your employees are added to the system and assigned a job role
  • Your employees are given a unique learner identification number
  • Your employees can log on to the eLearning Zone from any web browser and complete the training
  • We create you a PYRAMID™ Risk Management System account where you can track, monitor and receive notifications and reports.

The system doesn’t only keep track of training taken on-line, it can also keep track of training courses that have to be taken in the classroom or have to be taken practically.

If you would like to test the eLearning Zone or would like more information, please get in touch and we can send you login details to test the features.