Help is on hand for the hospitality industry

The government has continued with its campaign to make Great Britain a safer place by offering new guidance to owners of small hotels, B&Bs and guest houses. The new document helps ensure that the above businesses comply with the current fire safety laws.

Newly appointed Fire Minister Sadiq Khan is behind the recently launched booklet, ‘Do you have paying guests?’, and said it provides key “practical advice” to the hospitality industry.

The Fire Safety Regulatory Reform Order was launched back in 2006 and requires all those responsible for non-domestic premises to carry out a fire-safety risk assessment and put in place adequate measures to manage the risk.

Mr Khan added: “It’s plain common sense that every business should have an adequate level of fire safety, especially where people who may not be familiar with the surroundings in which they are sleeping.”

The guidance encourages small accommodation providers to think about how a fire could start on their premises and how quickly it could spread.

Top tips from Due Diligence Solutions to help keep your business legally compliant

Make a plan to help keep people safe. You can do this by ensuring there is a safe means of escape. You should also remove fire hazards, wherever possible, and look at preventative measures to help eradicate the chance of fire. Try to put a plan in place and ensure that people understand the plan.

Do not pay lip service to the above plan. It’s all well and good putting procedures in place but it’s vital to keep things up-to-date. If changes materialise then you must reflect those changes on the plan.

We realise all the above adds even more things to worry about but, remember, you are not alone. Here at Due Diligence Solutions, we care passionately about fire safety and have a range of measures in place to help keep your business legally compliant. At the moment we are offering THREE FREE places on one of our fire warden courses for any company that books a fire risk assessment with us. Just go to the website special offers for further information.