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Health and Safety Training Software.

Automate and streamline the management of your organisation’s health & safety training needs…

eLearning Zone Overview

The eLearning Zone is a web based learning application developed by DDS International to automate and streamline the management of your organisation’s health & safety training needs and to ensure your employees always meet training requirements. Interactive slideshow presentations, quizzes, surveys, viewing documents and watching videos are all part of the eLearning Zone experience.

The eLearning Zone has been built using the latest web technologies that work across desktop, tablet and mobile web browsers. As the system is web based, your employees have the freedom to learn any time, any where in the world. The interface can also be translated into the local language of your organisation.

The eLearning Zone is fully integrated into the PYRAMID™ Risk Management System to track, notify and report on your employee training data.

DDS International deliver all their on-line fire safety, health and safety, food safety and first aid content via the eLearning Zone. You can use our preconfigured courses for your health and safety compliance or work with us to tailor an on-line training solution that is right for you and your organisation.

Cloud Based

eLearning Zone is a secure web based solution, so the application can be accessed anywhere, at any location, at any time.

User friendly

eLearning Zone has been developed with the end user in mind. The app has an easy to understand interface and translation is available.

Multi Device

eLearning Zone works across multiple devices including Windows and Mac computers, iPhone, iPad and Android mobile devices.


Create engaging multimedia training modules We can convert PowerPoint presentations into a web based format. Company documents, videos and quizzes can be added too.


Learner’s can download certificates to show their achievements and progress on the eLearning Zone.

Environmentally Friendly

All eLearning Zone records are stored on-line.

Cost effective

eLearning Zone is an incredibly cost-effective solution whatever the size of organisation.

Tracking, notification and reporting

The eLearning Zone is fully integrated with the PYRAMID™ Risk Management System. All the efficient tracking, notification and reporting features are available.

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