Health and Safety “Directors Duties” Short Film

This short film was made as part of a TV programme based on “Director’s Duties” which is an exciting new television series produced by Collaborative Media for Executive TV. The TV show will identify the key components that make up a health and safety strategy, recognizing the responsibilities of both public and private sector employers in its implementation. The show will be aired soon on Sky TV.

Broadcast dates have been announced

The broadcast dates for the Executive Television ‘Fit for Business’ programme will be:

Sunday 17th July 10:30(am) on SKY digital channel 189
Sunday 07th August 10.30(am) on SKY digital channel 189

Parts of this film were shot in a number of client locations, where they have embraced the systems and
processes provided by DDS to assist them in their daily operation.

Paul Smith discusses the importance of building a long-term relationship with clients and how we assist
them to adopt processes and systems which will help them to manage their legal compliance on-going.

DDS (International) Limited provides Health & Safety, Fire Safety, Food Safety, Management Consultancy, PYRAMID™ on-line risk management system and Training Services to businesses and organisations.

We are there to provide support to your organisation, without the masses of bureaucracy that tends to be linked to legal compliance.

Our unique PYRAMID™ on-line risk management system provides a seamless interface enabling us to monitor our customers’ operation 24 hours per day, 365 days per year, and can be there to provide support just when you need it most.

Our speciality is making legal compliance simple and easy. Not only to understand, but to implement and make part of your day-to-day working.

Whenever we mention that we deal with ‘Health & Safety’, we are met with an automatic rolling of the eyes and a guttural gurgle sound as Health & Safety does not have a very good reputation in this country.

Our role is NOT to add any additional pressure and stress to the businesses we look after, but to help them make Health & Safety a seamless every day part of their operation.

If Health & Safety is complicated and takes up too much of your time then you are doing it wrong, or it has been explained in such a way that it is too complicated to understand.

Health & Safety is EASY!

90% of it is common sense, 5% should be enacting it, and the other 5% should be documenting it !
That goes for the other sides of what we do regarding Fire Safety, Food Safety and the Training and Consultancy we provide to our clients.

The whole reason that our clients are our clients is because they want the security of knowing that they are dealing with a company who is able to assist them with their on-going management of their Legal Compliance, which in turn allows them to focus on the needs of their business.

When our clients have adopted the services and processes that we have developed for them and coach them to utilise, then that allows them to deal with the everyday issues that their business generates whilst the mundane Health & Safety, Fire Safety and Food Safety issues are able to be managed easily.
Instead of the mad panic that occurs where other businesses do not look after these aspects and it all goes wrong when they are faced with potential Enforcement action.

Accreditation and independent verification of what we do is important to us, as we believe this demonstrates to our customers that they subscribe to an industry leading, quality management company.
Therefore, we hold certified accreditation (and are independently audited) for:

  • ISO 9001 for Quality Management
  • ISO 14001 for Environmental Management
  • ISO 45001 for Health & Safety Excellence
  • ISO 22000 for Food Safety Management
  • NSi for Life Safety Fire Risk Assessing
  • BAFE SP205 for Life Safety Fire Risk Assessing

We are also accredited training center for:

  • HABC Highfield
  • CIEH Charter Institute Environmental Health

At DDS we pride ourselves as we work with the client face-to-face to understanding their operation and needs. This means we are able to find a workable solution to ensure the client is compliant with minimal impact on their day-to-day business.