FREE 30 Minute Fire Safety Visit to Your Premises

Why would I need a free, no obligation, 30 minute visit from DDS?

In today’s businesses where everyone is stretched to their capacity, basic requirements like fire safety and health & safety tend to be taken for granted.

It is only when there is an incident when it becomes apparent that simple precautions being in place would have prevented the incident from occurring in the first place.

DDS is a local business who specialise in providing advice on Fire Safety, Health & Safety, Food Safety as well as First Aid matters to all types of business ranging from SMEs to multi-national operations.
We are able to provide a separate set of eyes which, as we are not in your premises every day, will be able to see any potential issues before they become problems.

What happens during the visit?

The Fire Safety Advisor will meet you at your premises and spend 30 minutes with you to view, discuss and provide suggestions regarding the Fire Safety arrangements that you have in place.

What can I expect to get out of the visit?

This free 30 minute, no obligation, visit will:

  • give you the peace of mind that you have everything in place that you require as an employer; or
  • provide you with a suggested route of action to start putting in place steps to address any issues that you may not have notice exist in your place of work.

How do I arrange a visit?

Telephone: +44 (0)1795 471 142

Free 30 Minute Fire Safety Visit to Your Premises Flyer