Focus on PYRAMID™ Risk Management Weekly Safety Reports

This is the fourth post in our series of articles relating to PYRAMID™ Risk Management System reports. This one focuses on weekly safety check reports (also known as routine inspections or routine checks). The previous articles covered fire safety, audit reports and risk assessments. The term “released” which is a PYRAMID™ term to define a weekly safety report that is live and in production. Please see the first article in this series for a full definition.

The PYRAMID™ system allows for the completion of safety checks on a weekly basis. When we set-up a new client on the system they are given a matrix of health and safety checks to carry out weekly. When completing a weekly safety report on the system, the user is prompted to complete periodic checks and risk assessment checks when they are required.

If periodic or risk assessment checks aren’t completed for a certain week, the system will continue to remind each week that a check is overdue and must be completed. Any remedial actions requiring actions are also prompted each week to mark as resolved or enter an update on the status of the remedial action that needs to take place.

The possible answers to the weekly checks are “Yes”, “No” or “Not Applicable”. Problems identified for the week and any remedial actions taken can also be logged.

Here are examples of the weekly safety checks that are completed…

Physical Inspection

Fire Safety Walk – Outside the building – Has the weekly external fire safety walk been completed?

Fire Safety Walk – Inside the building – Has the weekly internal fire safety walk been completed?

Customer, Guest or Visitor Safety – Has a public area walk been completed for slips, trips & hazards from fixtures and fittings?

Customer, Guest or Visitor Safety – Has a check to identify hazards outside the building been completed?

Customer, Guest or Visitor Safety – Have all entrance doors been checked as working correctly?

Staff Area Safety – Has a staff area walk been completed for slips, trips & hazards from fixtures and fittings?

Lift Safety – Have all passenger and goods lifts been checked as working correctly?

Fire Safety Checks

Fire Safety – Have the Weekly / Monthly fire safety tests and records been completed? Weekly fire alarm test, Fire equipment inspection (visual), Fire doors checked.

Documentation Reviews

Accident & Emergency Incident Reporting – Have all issues arising from any accident investigations been reported and followed up?

Training & New Starters – Have new starters had all aspects of safety training relevant to their job identified and completed?

Health and Safety Committee Meeting

Health and Safety Committee – Has the Quarterly Health and Safety Committee meeting been held and actions followed up?

Periodic Checks and Risk Assessment Review

Example of periodic checks that the system is prompted to show every four weeks…

  • Quarterly Training Review
  • Electrical & Gas Safety
  • Storage, Lifting & Carrying
  • Signage
  • Fire Drill, Fire Protection Equipment
  • Knives, Glass
  • Hazardous Substances, PPE
  • First Aid
  • Back Yard, Delivery Vehicles
  • Equipment Safety
  • Ladders and Steps
  • Structure, Environment

The Weekly Safety Report

When a weekly safety report is completed and released, the report is emailed to the necessary organisation and location contacts with the below information.

  • The user who completed the checks
  • The week and date of the check
  • Where week the weekly check had taken place
  • Each of the weekly checks mentioned above with their answer
  • Each of the periodic and risk assessment checks mentioned above with their answer
  • Any problems identified for the current week
  • Any problems identified for previous weeks
  • Any remedial actions taken
  • Any problems that have been identified that are now completely resolved

Weekly Safety Checks Dashboard Reports

Some of our clients are sent a dashboard report on a weekly and monthly basis that groups together by countries or territories the status of weekly safety check compliance for the year. They can see at a glance where they are falling short on their routine inspections.

Weekly Safety Check Summary Reports

Summary reports of weekly safety checks are also generated to give an overview of compliance for locations. An easy to read digest of completed and non-completed routine inspections can also be sent to the required contacts so they can chase the locations to complete the latest weekly safety check.

Unreleased Weekly Safety Reports

If a location hasn’t completed a weekly safety check for a week, the system will send out reminders via email that a check is due to who is responsible for completing the checks.