Focus on PYRAMID™ Risk Management System Audit Reports

This article is the second in the series focusing on PYRAMID™ Risk Management System reports. The first article covered fire safety reports and this one will cover audit reports. This article uses the term “released” which is PYRAMID™ term define an audit that is live and in production. Please see the first article in this series for a full definition.

The PYRAMID™ system is based on-line and is a complete health and safety and fire safety solution for organisations. Please see our page dedicated page and also our blog category for all related information.

Below is a list of reports that are generated from the system. The goal of this article is to give our visitors an overview of the auditing capabilities and how they will help you and your organisation stay legal.

Audit Report

The PYRAMID™ Risk Management System can be set-up to audit all types of company compliance requirements. A few examples of audits that can be completed are below. Question templates can be created for any type of auditing required and reports generated on these templates…

  • Health and Safety Audits
  • Food Safety Audits
  • Food Safety Monthly Audits
  • Business Continuity Audits
  • Trading Law Reports
  • Work Place Inspections
  • Security Audits
  • Emergency Planning Assessments
  • Subcontractor Quality Reviews

The reports generated from the system can be viewed on-line, downloaded or sent via email (a HTML version is included in the email and a PDF version is also attached).

The audit report contains…

  • Who completed the audit
  • Where the audit was created
  • Score of the audit (based on the PYRAMID™ algorithm for scoring an audit)
  • The award (Red, Amber or Gold)
  • Total number of questions answered red, answer, green, not applicable and not reviewed.
  • Total number of critical tests and how many were answered red
  • General comments of the audit
  • A list of documents uploaded as appendices with the audit (Documents, scans, maintenance records, evidence etc)
  • A photo addendum of photos taken during the audit
  • Each test is displayed with the module / section, the result, the test, the answer, comments, action timescale and any actions taken.

Audit Status Report

Depending on your access to the system a weekly Health and Safety Audit and Food Safety Status Report is generated each week to give an overview of audit activities at your location, or locations you have access to view.

This report displays the location name, the date of the audit (s), which question template was used, the number of outstanding actions, overdue actions and a list of questions where the overdue actions require action. The audit can be updated with remedial actions taken from within the system so when the report next runs the remedial actions needed or overdue actions are no longer listed.

Large Scale Auditing Project Reports

We also use the system internally for large scale auditing projects. We can run reports to show the progress of auditing activities that are taking place all over the world. We can manipulate the data based on scores, number of failings, number of passes etc.

Audit Compliance Report

The audit compliance report is one of the most powerful reporting options available in PYRAMID™ (this reporting type is available to fire safety risk assessments, health and safety risk assessments, weekly reports and eLearning learner accounts. This reporting option has the option to see audit compliance based on a varied range of data.

  • Single or multiple locations in your organisation
  • The type of audit
  • The status of the audit (Started, Completed, Released or all)
  • The auditor level (including your own auditors, DDS consultants or all auditors)
  • A date range of the audits
  • Reports on single tests across all locations or all tests at all locations
  • The options can be mixed and matched to see the information you require

One of the reports the above criteria generates is a trend report where you can see at a glance where your audit compliance is falling short. The trend displays a table based on the data selection and a key is given to reference the cells in the table. E.g. across the top of the table is a list of test numbers found in the audit template and down the left side is a list of locations. The table cross references the test number to the location and the key to the data is below.

  • Coloured green for green Response to test
  • Coloured orange for amber response to test
  • Coloured red for red response to test
  • Coloured blue for test not applicable
  • Coloured grey for test not reviewed
  • No colour for a test not answered
  • A tick displays in the cell when all problems are resolved
  • A cross displays when action required is overdue

Audit Compliance Summary

The audit compliance summary report uses the criteria selected for the audit compliance trend report to create a visual overview of compliance using different types charts.

  • Organisation Details
  • Executive Summary
  • Premises Overview
  • Premises Findings
  • Significant Findings including Failures by Section and Section Analysis
  • The number of locations that failed on a certain test
  • The report is broken down into each module of the audit and shows the type of test and the percentages of tests answered green, amber, red, not reviewed or not applicable.

Audit Compliance Priorities

The Audit Compliance Priorities report uses the criteria selected for the audit compliance trend report to order by priority to resolve, locations that had a red or amber response to test.

  • Question number and text and the number of locations where the question was not compliant
  • Location
  • Comments

Audit Remedial Actions Taken Summary

This report can be run on a released audit and shows an overview of audit tests that required actions to resolved problems.

  • Location Details
  • Activity Details
  • Action taken details showing test number, test text, comments, recommendations, actions taken, action taken date and if the problems identified have been fully resolved.

Audit Preparation Report

An audit preparation report can be run in preparing to conduct another audit at the location. This report gathers and displays information that can be used to answer tests in the upcoming audit.

  • Location Details
  • Audit Details
  • Incomplete Weekly Safety Checks
  • Periodic and risk assessment checks
  • Weekly Safety Checks: Unresolved issues with periodic checks
  • Weekly Safety Checks: Unresolved issues with risk assessment checks between
  • Weekly Safety Checks: Periodic and risk assessment check status for the last eight weeks
  • Unresolved concerns identified on weekly checks
  • Last Audit: Unresolved Actions
  • Last Audit “Not Reviewed” Tests
  • Last Audit Remedial Actions Taken (Resolved Only)
  • Risk Assessment Directory
  • Accidents reported between the date of the audit and the current date
  • Dangerous Occurrences reported between the date of the audit and the current date
  • Reportable diseases reported between the date of the audit and the current date
  • Near misses reported between the date of the audit and the current date
  • Major Incidents reported between the date of the audit and the current date
  • Enforcement Officer Visits reported between the date of the audit and the current date
  • Meetings held between the date of the audit and the current date
  • Current eLearner List
  • External Training Records Created Since Last Audit
  • Current PYRAMID™ user list at the location (not including superusers)

This report can be displayed in HTML and also downloaded as a PDF. The PDF version also includes the below.

  • Last weekly safety check report
  • Full versions of any accident, major incident, near miss, reportable diseases, near miss and enforcement officer visit reports
  • List of updated Health and Safety Manual Documents
  • Updated H&S Records File Documents
  • Remedial Actions Summary
  • Learner Compliance Trend

This report is very convenient for DDS consultants and our customer as it collates all the relevant documents and information for you.