Fire Warden Course with Live Fire Drill Evacuation and Fire Extinguisher Training

We have recently introduced a live fire drill exercise into our Fire Warden Training course to give course delegates a full overview of what is involved during a fire drill. During the training course DDS International start a smoke machine that activates the training venue fire alarm system to the surprise of course candidates, which is a real taste of what happens when a fire evacuation is required.

A gallery of images (18 photos) from our live practical training is available at the top of this article.

The new evacuation training has been a huge success with great feedback from our clients.

We had a wonderful time yesterday at the Fire Warden training, just want to say thank you to everyone.

Our fire warden course is a well balanced mix of theory and live practical training. We have a state of the art fire kit for live practical fire extinguisher training so candidates can experience what it is like to use a C02, foam and water fire extinguisher. Our industry leading experts present the course in an easy to digest way using a range of multimedia and teaching methods.

Fire Warden Training Course Presentation content

  • Introduction
  • Course Aims and Objectives
  • Why Seconds Count
  • The Law
  • The Fire Safety Order (Employer’s and employees duties)
  • Staff Training
  • Fire Safety Statistics (Government statistics, accidental fires, deliberate fires, causes of death)
  • How Do Fires Start? (Heat, fuel and oxygen. Typical sources of ignition)
  • How Can We Put Fires out?
  • How Fires Spread
  • Fire Extinguishers Blanket
  • Fire Fighting
  • If You Discover a Fire
  • If You Hear the Alarm
  • Fire Alarm Stages (Silent, Alert and Evacuate)
  • Fire Assembly Point
  • Assist Disabled Persons
  • Fire Safety Signs
  • Duties of the Fire Warden (Including summary)
  • Fire Prevention
  • Good Housekeeping
  • Means of Escape

If you are interested in taking part in one of our training courses, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.