Fire safety training just got a whole lot more enjoyable!

Here at Due Diligence Solutions we like to set the standards and show excellence throughout our business. Our trainers are all industry leading experts and we have just invested in a fantastic state-of-the-art new fire training kit to make the important element of learning even more FUN!

Before letting people loose on our quality new kit, we naturally tested it and received some positive feedback from our range of fire guinea pigs:

“Absolutely amazing. I really enjoyed it. The trainer was good and the kit was top quality.”

“It is so much better than any previous fire safety training I have had. The VDU simulator made the training very relevant to my workplace.”

So why is the new kit so much better and what does it provide?

  • A state of the art fire safety training simulator
  • The kit is compliant with the Environmental Protection Act 1990. This basically means that it is kinder to the environment.
  • It is much safer than any other form of fire extinguisher training so you can rest assured that you are using the best equipment and being taught by our range of great trainers!
  • The new kit is very realistic with VDU, Waste Paper Bin, Chip Pan, and Fuel Fire Simulations. The new kit adds that all-important touch of realism.

As you are probably aware, staff training is a legal requirement. If you learn from the wrong people then it can be boring and monotonous! Learning with Due Diligence is fun, exciting and cheaper than you would think. Our fire courses are half-price until the end of July so you can train your staff from as little as £29.49 per person plus VAT. How good does that sound?

View our Fire Safety Courses section to see our range of fire safety courses.