Fire Safety Risk Assessment Mobile App Demo YouTube Video

We are pleased to announce we released a short demonstration video on YouTube yesterday for our Fire Safety Risk Assessment Mobile App. For more information on our mobile application please visit the Fire Risk Assessment Software page.

Video description: Demonstration for completing a fire safety risk assessment on the PYRAMID™ Risk Management System mobile app.

Fed up with word, lengthily report writing, cut and pasting answers, making notes as you go to type up later, printing and posting to clients, then chasing 12 months later for review work?

What if we told you there was a tool that allows you to write up on an iPad or app (without internet connection), automatically syncs to the web, where you have access to a number of risk assessment templates (or can create your own), set up and use your own standard texts that you can add in at a click, and sends the report electronically to your client. It also automatically creates the action plan (saving any duplication of entries).

The same application allows you to upload photos with ease and any supporting documentation, and can be used to create copies for working on for reviews without the need to start from scratch again.

Oh, and it can send reminders to clients automatically.

Sound expensive? No, and what if I even told you that you could earn revenue by getting your clients to use the system (making your life even easier).