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Fire Risk Assessment Software.

A Fire Risk Assessors Dream?

Developed with Fire Safety Professionals in Mind, for Your Customers!

Fed up with word, lengthily report writing, cut and pasting answers, making notes as you go to type up later, printing and posting to clients, then chasing 12 months later for review work?

What if we told you there was a tool that allows you to write up on an iPad or app (without internet connection), automatically syncs to the web, where you have access to a number of risk assessment templates (or can create your own), set up and use your own standard texts that you can add in at a click, and sends the report electronically to your client. It also automatically creates the action plan (saving any duplication of entries).

The same application allows you to upload photos with ease and any supporting documentation, and can be used to create copies for working on for reviews without the need to start from scratch again.

Oh, and it can send reminders to clients automatically.

Sound expensive? No, and what if I even told you that you could earn revenue by getting your clients to use the system (making your life even easier).

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    Introducing the PYRAMID™ Online Fire Module

    From ONLY
    £149.00 per year
    or £12.42* per month +VAT
    + One Time Set Up Fee from £74.50* + VAT
    *Monthly fee and One Time set up free vary, full details on request.

    Over 10 years in development, the PYRAMID™ online Fire Safety Module has been extensively trialled and tested by a number of experienced fire safety professionals throughout the UK.

    Client facing features are also available for YOUR Customers, should they wish to use them. This includes allowing them to manage their fire safety risk assessment actions taken through the system, an electronic fire log book for recording all checks, and even an eLearning portal for capturing all training.

    Where clients use the system this provides further benefits for fire risk assessors as the system can produce a REVIEW report ahead of any visit, saving considerable time looking for records and validation of fire checks – as its already there!

    A Total Quality System

    PYRAMID™ forms a fundamental part of DDS’s own NSi BAFE SP205 accreditation for Fire Safety Risk Assessments, and DDS’s ISO 9001, ISO 45001, and ISO 14001 accreditation standards.

    Manages Single/Multiple Sites

    Can be used for fire risk assessment and fire safety management manage in a wide range of premises/clients for example:

    • Single site/locations (such as restaurants, offices etc)
    • Complex single sites (such as shopping centres, sports stadiums, hospital sites)
    • Multiple locations for Large Clients (such as retail chains, restaurant chains, hospital trusts, local authority housing and premises)

    Single Assessors or Groups of Assessors

    The system can be set up and configured for individual risk assessors, or groups of risk assessors and also has hierarchical levels to enable Quality Control checks, and assessment validations.

    Multiple Risk Assessment Templates or Create your Own!

    There are a number of generic fire risk assessment templates available, or clients can create their own bespoke templates for use (within system parameters).

    Efficient, Productive, and Accurate

    The risk assessment system has been developed with accuracy, integrity, and consistency in mind. The system is designed to maximise assessor productivity, and maximise time taken for quality inspections whilst reducing write up times and bureaucratic admin that follows!

    Mobile App Option

    The app, adds a powerful new dimension as it enables assessors to write up onsite, without a web connection, and then automatically syncs to the system when it connects to wifi. Whilst the online system enables easy upload of photos and supporting documents, and automatically inserts these into the report.

    Oh and the I.T. Bit!

    Online, web based system so no software to install. Accessible 24/7 anywhere you have access to the web.

    Secure systems and servers, professionally hosted with full back ups

    Environmentally friendly, sends reports and reminders electronically avoiding costly print and post.

    DDS is registered under the Data Protection act!

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    Let me start by saying overall I think the PYRAMID™ system is superb. I am looking forward to becoming a professional on this software!!!

    Activate Fire Safety Ltd

    Fire Safety Risk Assessment Mobile App Demo Video

    Next Steps

    If this is something that you would like further discussion on as to how we can help support you or your organisation then please email or give us a call in the office on 01795 471142.

    No hard sell, and no obligation, but we do need to understand how this may help you to provide the best possible solution for you.

    Cloud Based

    PYRAMID™ is a secure web based solution, so can be accessed anywhere, at any location, at any time.

    User friendly

    PYRAMID™ has been developed with you in mind, no complicated jargon, easy to use, and uses a management system that has been developed, tried and with considerable success.

    Single or multiple locations

    PYRAMID™ can be configured for individual locations/users, or for any number of locations/users, and makes it easy to track and monitor compliance.


    PYRAMID™ is part of DDS (International) Limited BS EN ISO9001:2000 Quality Management System, and ISO 45001 Health and Safety Management system.

    Award winning

    PYRAMID™ is the system behind the achievement of the prestigious RoSPA Silver Award for DDS International.

    Environmentally Friendly

    PYRAMID™ holds all of your legal compliance systems and records on-line.

    Cost effective

    PYRAMID™ is an incredibly cost-effective solution whatever the size of organisation.

    Supported by experts

    An essential part of your PYRAMID™ experience is to provide you with “peace of mind”. All users are supported by experts from the team at DDS International, who are only a click or phone call away.

    Fire Risk Assessor Software

    Let’s work together

    We will not compromise on quality, legal requirements or business ethics, and confidentiality is always assured.

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