Do you train your staff? Prove it.


Is there evidence of staff training, with records of training held on employees file?

Reason for This Question

Every employee must have training records in place which includes all new employees completion of basic health and safety and fire training within 3 months of commencement.

Possible Answers

Red: No records available and staff unable to confirm training or demonstrate knowledge
Amber: No records available but members of staff questioned and confirm training completed
Green: Records available and up to date

Common Issues

  • No training records available
  • No training had been carried out
  • Training records not up to date

Fail Rate

37.14% of businesses failed this question based on our sample data.

How to Stay Compliant

Ensure you staff are training in basic health and safety and fire safety training within the first 3 months of their employment. Keep a document record of training dates and copies of any certificates. Arrangements should be made to ensure that all staff members receive induction training and are also subject to regular fire safety refresher training.

Additional Information

What is induction training?

A health and safety induction introduces your employees to health and safety and fire safety requirements within your business. Your induction training should include the following:

  • provide you with an understanding of health & safety and fire safety and they are important
  • demonstrate that accidents, injuries and fires do happen
  • provide you with basic health & safety and fire safety instruction for your duties
  • advise you what to do in the event of a fire, an accident or near miss
  • inform you of the health & safety and fire safety arrangements at your workplace

What is a fire warden course?

A fire warden course aims to to give you a nominated fire warden, the skills required to effectively and safely perform your role in your workplace.

The fire warden course should include:

  • An understanding of fire safety and why it is important
  • Training on simple and effective fire prevention measures including what to do in the event of a fire
  • Information on the correct use of fire extinguishers in your workplace
  • To ensure that you the nominated person understands their role as a fire warden

Our Solutions

We offer a range of health and safety, fire safety, food safety and first aid training courses. Our training courses are also available as part of our Health and Safety Management System packages.

This post is part of the “Focus on Health and Safety Audit Questions” series.