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Sue Smith

Managing Director
Sue really has cut her teeth on the sharp end of business, and has considerable experience at dealing with the nastiest of situations, those we all really hope we never have the misfortune to be in.

After 10 years in store and area management roles, Sue went on to operate the SOS (Serious or Sensitive) out of hours hotline covering all of the Safeway store portfolio for over 8 years, Sue moved on to provide support and advice following all Government Inspector Visits for two years, prior to setting up DDS.

“When it comes down to legal compliance in any organisation, the fundamental requirements for success are teamwork and keeping things simple. Our ability to recognise that no two organisations are the same, and deliver solutions in a highly cost effective way, really underlines the reason why so many of our customers love working with us.”

Paul Smith

Business Development Director
When it comes to understanding how legal compliance can best fit within a business environment, Paul’s extensive experience is invaluable.

After successfully implementing turnaround strategies in a number of Safeway superstores, and then piloting a number of wide ranging initiatives in one of the companies flagship stores, Paul was hand-picked to champion head office based roles to reduce the burden on bureaucracy. After banking annualised cost savings and efficiency improvements in excess of £10 million, and helping in a wide range of business development initiatives, Paul and his wife Sue set up DDS in 2003. They were then joined shortly afterwards by fellow directors.

Paul’s business acumen and credentials are second to none, having achieved an MBA in 2006, and more recently he received the highest accolades from both the Chartered Management Institute, and Institute of Leadership and Management when he was granted fellowship status.

Chris Blandford-Thompson

Operations Director
Before joining DDS in 2005, Chris worked in the retail industry for over 20 years, and before leaving Safeway designed and implemented due diligence IT systems providing cost savings to the business of over £8 million by analysing and streamlining business processes across the portfolio.

As well as implementing bespoke in-house IT systems to ensure that our business operates in an efficient and cost-effective manner, Chris has also been instrumental in the design of many of our systems and processes, including our Pyramid™ online risk management system.

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