DDS International and Sky Television – Filming Begins Next Week

We are delighted to let you know that we have been specially selected to take part in the programme “Directors Duties: Fit for Business” which is an exciting new television series produced by Collaborative Media for Executive TV. The TV show will identify the key components that make up a health and safety strategy, recognizing the responsibilities of both public and private sector employers in its implementation.

The production crew are visiting our headquarters next week to conduct and film an interview with us.

The programme will be available on Sky Digital channel 212 and BBC/ITV Freesat channel 401. A video podcast will also be made available. Please follow us on social media for up to date information on the air date and when the video will be available to watch online or download.

About Executive TV

Executive TV was created as a response to the lack of consolidated information available to directors and senior executives in the public and private sector.

The programmes are produced in an informal and relaxed format, appealing to our target audience, informing the viewer of the latest relevant information and the opinions of those most relevant to the programme. The highly specified circulation and publicity drive are ‘relevance driven’.

The programmes contain input from a broad range of experts who can showcase and offer their services to directors and senior management teams.

Some of the content that the programme is likely to cover, that may be of interest to you is

  • What are the main objectives for you as an organisation?
  • What is the key legislation for health and safety in Britain?
  • What do employers need to do to create a safer working environment?
  • Do you believe employers need to go beyond the legislation to further reduce risks?
  • How much training does it take to ensure a new worker will be safe at work?
  • How do you ensure that a training program provides a high quality service?
  • How often does training need to be updated?
  • Have new technologies made it more challenging to stay up to date?
  • How do health and safety laws differ across the globe?
  • Do you believe that Britain can learn from international approaches to H&S legislation?
  • How much record keeping comes along with H&S compliance?