Case Study: Health and Safety, Fire Safety and Food Safety for Hotels in London, England

Client Description

Luxury 5 star service boutique hotels located in London, England.

Scope of Works

Create a partnership with a health and safety consultancy company to implement the necessary management systems to stay compliant with health and safety, fire safety and food safety laws and regulations.


This client has access to the PYRAMID™ Risk Management system which was first set-up in preparation for meeting the scope of the required work and for the future so the client could manage their compliance in-house.

The following list of features were enabled for the client.

  • Fire Safety
    • Fire Risk Assessments
    • Emergency Lighting System Test
    • Fire Alarm Test
    • Fire Authority Visit
    • Fire Drill
    • Fire Training
    • Firefighting Equipment Test/Inspection
    • Reviewing Compliance
    • Fire Safety Forms
  • Health and Safety
    • Audits
    • Health and Safety Manual
    • Health and Safety Records
    • Health and Safety Risk Assessments
    • Weekly Safety Reporting
    • Asbestos Surveys
    • Health and Safety Risk Assessment Compliance
    • Weekly Safety Report Compliance
    • Audit Compliance
  • Food Safety
    • Audits
    • Food Safety Manual
    • Food Safety Records
    • Alleged Food Poisoning Reports
    • Food Complaint Reports
    • Audit Compliance
  • Emergency Procedures
    • Major Incident Reporting
    • Emergency Contacts
  • Event Notification
    • Enforcement Officer Visits Reporting
    • Accident / Incident Reporting
    • Major Incident Reporting
    • Summary Reports
  • Records
    • Meeting Minutes

Our consultants carried out annual HACCP reviews, fire risk assessments, health and safety and food safety audits for this client. The audits and assessments were completed on the PYRAMID™ system so the client and our consultants could make use of all the benefits the on-line risk management system has to offer.

DDS International supplied fire safety signs, equipment and emergency kit bags after fire risk assessing to resolve any significant findings.

When laws were changed or when the company was re-branded, the health and safety and food safety policies were updated.

The following training courses are held for this client…

  • Fire Safety Manager Training
  • Managing health and safety training
  • Emergency First Aid at Work
  • Fire Warden Training
  • PYRAMID™ Risk Management System training


This client had a complete solution to stay compliant with all the industry specific safety laws, which they could easily manage in-house while still having the support of our health and safety consultants.

Existing and new staff can be trained up to the necessary standards as and when required.

The client had more time to focus on delivering their high quality services.