Case Study: Health and Safety for a Delivery Company in Sittingbourne, Kent

Client Description

A delivery and warehousing specialist based in Sittingbourne, Kent

Scope of Works

Implement the necessary health and safety and fire safety procedures to stay compliant with UK laws and regulations.


Due to the scope of the client’s needs this was an ideal opportunity to implement a complete health and safety management system that was specific to the clients operation with the aid of the PYRAMID™ Risk Management system.

PYRAMID™ On-line Risk Management System

The PYRAMID™ On-line Risk Management System is the complete on-line solution for managing health and safety, fire safety and food safety. Please find an overview of the system on the dedicated PYRAMID™ page.

This client was given access to the following modules and options which were available to all their locations and users…

  • Fire Safety
    • Fire Risk Assessments
    • Emergency Lighting System Test
    • Fire Alarm Test
    • Fire Authority Visit
    • Fire Drill
    • Fire Training
    • Firefighting Equipment Test/Inspection
    • Reviewing Compliance
    • Fire Safety Forms
  • Health and Safety
    • Audits
    • Health and Safety Manual
    • Health and Safety Records
    • Health and Safety Risk Assessments
    • Weekly Safety Reporting
    • Asbestos Surveys
    • Health and Safety Risk Assessment Compliance
    • Weekly Safety Report Compliance
    • Audit Compliance
  • Emergency Procedures
    • Major Incidents
    • Emergency Contacts
  • Event Notification
    • Enforcement Officer Visits
    • Accident / Incident Reporting
    • Major Incidents
    • Summary Reporting
  • Records
    • Meeting Minutes

Fire Risk Assessments

Carry out annual fire risk assessments on the client’s premises using a dedicated risk assessment template specifically for factory & warehouse locations.

Health and Safety Audits

Complete annual health and safety audits for this client.

Health and Safety Policy Manual

Implement a health and safety policy that was specific to the clients operation and updated as required. Hard copy made available on site and available on the PYRAMID™ system.

Health and Safety Records

Implement health and safety records with forms that were specific to the clients operation and updated as required. Hard copies made available on site and on-line.

Health and Safety Risk Assessments

Implement an electronic version of risk assessments and completed the first health and safety risk assessments for the client who later were able to take full control of reviewing the risk assessments and completing new ones when required. Hard copies made available on site and on-line.

Weekly Safety Reports

Enable the client to complete weekly health and safety routine inspections via the PYRAMID™ system which included periodic checks and risk assessment reviews.

Accident and Incident Reporting

Enable the client to keep a record of accidents, major incidents, near misses and enforcement officer visits via the PYRAMID™ system. Take responsibility of accident reports that the client submits and report the accident to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) if the accident meets RIDDOR requirements.


Take care of all the client’s needs for training. Below is a list of training courses we provide for this client…

  • Staff Health and Safety Induction Training
  • Fire Warden Training
  • Level 2 Award – Safe Moving & Handling Training
  • PYRAMID™ Training
  • Emergency First Aid at Work
  • C.O.S.H.H. Awareness Training


Always be available to support this client whenever the need arises over the phone or via the help request ticket system.


This client had a complete health and safety management system that was easy to use and allowed them to meet the required laws and regulations in the UK.

The reporting and reminding features of the PYRAMID™ system allowed the client to focus more time on the operation and growth of their business.

This client was able to scale their health and safety solution to new premises located across the UK.