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PYRAMID™ Online Risk Management System Overview

Imagine having one simple solution for all of your fire and health and safety requirements, the knowledge that all of your team are trained, and that you have the expert back up when you need it most.

Our PYRAMID™ health and safety software delivers it all, ensuring that all aspects of fire and health and safety legislation requirements are implemented and will also ensure ongoing operational support for your business. We can provide you with the peace of mind that you need to ensure your focus remains on the key aspects of your business.

Developed by a team with over 25 years experience at implementing, monitoring and maintaining standards of legal compliance in all sizes of organisations from small businesses through to major blue-chips and local authorities.

PYRAMID™ is being used by a diverse range of industries from local authorities for large scale property portfolios to retail stores managing their legal compliance around the world.


The PYRAMID™ Online Risk Management System Is a Highly Innovative Approach to Legal Compliance for Any Organisation Covering:

  • Fire Safety
  • Health and Safety
  • Food Hygiene
  • First Aid
  • Risk Assessments
  • Auditing
  • Accident reporting & investigation
  • Enforcement reporting & investigation
  • Business continuity
  • Training records
  • Monitoring
  • Reporting

Why use PYRAMID™?

Online – No software to install or break!

PYRAMID™ is a secure web based solution, so can be accessed anywhere, at any location, at any time, just as long as you have internet access. No messy or time consuming installations, just sign in and you are live! If your computer crashes, you won’t lose any data as everything you do is held online in our secure servers.

Simple – User friendly

PYRAMID™ has been developed with you in mind, no complicated jargon, easy to use, and uses a management system that has been developed, tried and with considerable success.


PYRAMID™ is part of DDS (International) Limited BS EN ISO 9001 Quality Management System, and ISO 45001 Health & Safety Management system, which is something you won’t find anywhere else.

Award winning

PYRAMID™ is the system behind the achievement of the prestigious RoSPA Silver Award for DDS (International) Limited, assisting The Mall Corporation to a RoSPA Gold Award and Nike(UK) to a RoSPA Bronze Award.

Environmentally Friendly

PYRAMID™ holds all of your legal compliance systems and records on-line, so if you do not want a difficult-to-manage paper based system, or require a solution that meets requirements of BS EN ISO 14001, PYRAMID™ is the ideal solution.

Cost effective

PYRAMID™ is an incredibly cost-effective solution whatever the size of organisation.

Supported by experts

An essential part of your PYRAMID™ experience is to provide you with “peace of mind”. All users are supported by experts from the team at DDS (International) Limited, who are only a click or phone call away!

All information is held on our central servers, so changes to legislation, or your company information, can be executed, communicated, and even implemented with considerable efficiency.

Accessing PYRAMID™

PYRAMID™ is a secure web based solution, so can be accessed anywhere, at any location, at any time, just as long as you have internet access.

No messy or time consuming installations, just sign in and you are live!

If your computer crashes, you won’t lose any data as everything you do is held online in our secure servers.

Sign on to the system is controlled via user’s email addresses.

Email is important as all reports are sent electronically, providing:

  • An environmentally friendly solution
  • User integrity

PYRAMID™ Scalability

PYRAMID™ is completely unique as it:

  • Allows configuration for your organisational structure
  • Can reflect different divisions or even franchised operations separately
  • Provides system user levels appropriate to each individual level
  • Provides management interrogation options at each individual level
  • Allows central communication, monitoring, trend analysis and performance reporting at every level, including a complete group overview

PYRAMID™ Branding

  • PYRAMID™ requires absolutely no IT development or management from the customers organisation.
  • Access is through a secure portal via the Internet, or hyperlink from your intranet.
  • It can be accessed at any location with internet access, anywhere in the world.
  • For larger clients we can even brand your system with your logo.

PYRAMID™ Fire Safety

The fire safety main menu options depend on user levels but may include:

  • Completion of activities online such as fire risk assessments, recording fire drills and checks.
  • The review compliance options allow for trend analysis across the whole group, selected areas, or individual locations.
  • Whilst a simple print option provides PDF templates of your companies fire safety documentation.
  • The Fire Safety options can all be referenced from the Regulatory Reform Guidance Into Practice documents which are also available within PYRAMID™.

PYRAMID™ Fire Risk Assessment

The fire risk assessment system provides the facility to:

  • Create a fire risk assessment template specific to your operational and legislation requirements.
  • Enables print outs of that template.
  • Allows input of that risk assessment findings into the system to create a fully automated report
  • Keeps track of actions required and send reminders when items are overdue
  • Input of fire risk assessments is through very simple screens
  • Action plan timescales are automatically calculated by the system, and your completed report will run in Priority order i.e. Most urgent issues FIRST!
  • Browse what individual locations have done, or are in the process of doing
  • Drill down to individual locations activities to interrogate detail if required
  • Uniquely, remedial action is also input into the system, providing a truly comprehensive record of your fire safety requirements and action taken.

This system WON’T let you FORGET!

PYRAMID™ Health & Safety Checks

Weekly safety checking systems ensure that every aspect of your health & safety compliance is tracked, issues identified, and followed through.

The unique weekly safety checking system ensures that all mandatory legal requirements for all aspects of health & safety legislation are complied with in simple and efficient ways.

Our average customer only spends approx 45 minutes per week on this!

PYRAMID™ Policies

Your organisation’s health & safety policy, procedures, records and forms can be held on the system as PDF files, enabling:

  • On-line access
  • Ease of update
  • On-line verification that users have read/understood
  • An environmentally friendly & highly cost effective solution
  • The only GUARANTEED way of ensuring 100% up to date policies are in place in every location!

PYRAMID™ Health & Safety Audit

Our audit system is unique.

Audit templates can be created for any organisations specific needs, with any number of questions.

We will create your audit template to enable input of audits online, which will generate audit reports automatically.

What is really special about our audits is that you will ALWAYS know when any location is not LEGALLY compliant, and you will not be mislead by any % score.

This system can also be used for food safety audits!


PYRAMID™ Accident/Incident Reporting

We have a legal responsibility to ensure that major accidents, injuries, near misses, fatalities, and reportable diseases are reported to the HSE Contact Centre under RIDDOR regulations.

The problem is that often the paper based accident form is not completed or processed correctly and therefore not compliant with RIDDOR requirements. Further problems arise when accident records cannot be found and employees/customers instigate claims.

  • Within PYRAMID™ the opportunity exists to add online assessment of all accident, incident and disease reporting, hold all records online (indefinitely), and also ensure that RIDDOR requirements are completed.
  • All accidents/incidents to be reported on PYRAMID™ through the Event Notification Menu
  • Blank forms can be printed off from PYRAMID™
  • Once the form has been completed it is logged onto the PYRAMID™ system, allowing interrogation at a later date


PYRAMID™ Enforcement Monitoring

All organisations are subject to visits from government agencies and enforcement officers for a number of reasons, from time to time.

Your organisation may have no simple way of collating these visits, or ensuring rapid follow through of any issues identified by Enforcement Officers.

Enforcement monitoring functionality within PYRAMID™, will make a significant difference in the way these visits can be monitored, ensuring that any issues identified are dealt with quickly and professionally.

  • Blank enforcement visit forms can be printed from the system, if required
  • All enforcement visits can be reported on PYRAMID™ through the Event Notification Menu, even if no issues are highlighted
  • Should the officer give a re-visit date, this can also be entered and when due, PYRAMID™ will remind you that the officer is coming back
  • As a lot of enforcement officers will make annual re-visits, you will also receive an annual reminder prior the anniversary of the officer’s original visit

PYRAMID™ Training Records

  • We can configure an organisation’s specific policy and procedure documents, to create user confirmation that they have read and understood it!
  • We can also create tests to check understanding
  • And keep an automatic record (audit trail) of training records

PYRAMID™ Monitoring

  • The PYRAMID™ systems has simple, unique and innovative management reporting tools to review compliance
  • Trend and priority reports to establish your organisation’s compliance, and common areas of concern
  • For multiple locations you can see exactly where you are at any point in time at the click of a mouse!

PYRAMID™ Reporting

  • When a location has completed an activity such as risk assessment on-line a report is automatically sent via email.
  • Copies of that report can be distributed automatically to senior management.
  • Each report is time-bound and advises of when issues must be addressed, and is chased when overdue i.e. no remedial actions recorded.
  • Weekly reminder reports are also sent for overdue activities
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